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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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are surveying the damage after coastal flooding and serious beach erosion. tonight clean up is still underway across our region. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. tuesday will be another day off for philadelphia students, all public and archdiocese schools in the city will be closed tomorrow. number of other school closures and delays are scrolling at the bottom of your screen. city official says small streets are still snow covered but crews are working to get them cleared off. down the shore lieutenant governor kim guadagno toured flooded area and beach erosion and state officials will will tally damages mates before asking for federal aid. we have team three coverage for you tonight with the reporters out in the middle of the clean up. >> but first it is a very busy weekend for maternity wards especially at one philadelphia hospital. it saw a record number of deliveries. >> reporter: thinks incredible. talk about a baby boom, right. it was a crazy busy weekend for new borns at the hospital of the university of
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pennsylvania. and, for the moms in labor, trying to get to the hospital in the snowstorm, plenty of panic there. one couple had an especially difficult time. twenty-one year-old brittany gilette was not expecting her first baby for another week but saturday morning as snow was piling up, her water broke. >> she woke me up. >> reporter: robert robinson tried quick shoveling out identify their home in west philadelphia. i knew the car wasn't going to get out of the block. >> and that is very stuck. >> and against all odds, the ambulance, also, got stuck in the snow. >> i didn't know what to think. i was nervous. i have been there i didn't know how far along i was. i was please don't come until i get to the hospital. i do not know what to do. i was nervous. >> reporter: they finally called police, philadelphia's fine's lives in the suv. >> they didn't get stuck, because i was panicking.
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>> we pass add lot of stuck cars. i think an accident on the way, tow trucks trying to get people out, it was horrible. >> reporter: once at hup, caylee robinson was born 8:30 weighing 7-pound, 2-ounces. >> baby caylee was among a record, 44 babies, delivered at hup during the snowstorm, on a typical the saturday here they usually have maybe ten new borns. >> we did have to call a couple people in from home, the the police brought in one of our nurses. >> reporter: maternity nurse carry says she has never seen so many babies at once. >> i guess a blizzard and being a full moon we're always busy. i guess it create aid crazy combination and we had a lot of deliveries. >> reporter: now while more babies might be born during full moons there is no scientific evidence explaining why. but there is limited research showing a lower pressure associated with the storm, can instigate labor.
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>> um-hmm. >> how about that, 44 babies and they are all fine. >> that is wonderful. >> follow up in about nine months. >> follow-up is the next nine months follow-up. >> yes. >> thanks, stephanie, appreciate it. philadelphia mayor jim kenney is responding to critics who say city has forgotten about residential blocks still buried under feet the of snow. >> obviously we need to get our primary streets and secondary street as clear as possible before we can get to the smaller streets. i recognize if it is your street it is important to you. if you are not out yet you are frustrated. i recognize that. we have to go through this with a methodical way to make sure that the city gets back to work as soon as possible. >> the philadelphia parking authority is not enforcing some of the rules, because of the ongoing clean up from the snowstorm, tonight you can park for free at meters and kiosks in the city. p pa has extended $59 discount garage rate until tomorrow morning. the p pa will ticket you for parking near fire hydrants and in other restrict areas.
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septa says it is making headway in the aftermath of the storm most bus routes are back on the road, many of them are working with some detours. they also say broad street line and market frankford line is honor close to schedule. regional rails are back in service as well, septa says there could be parking issues at some rail stations from all of the snow. this winter storm hit allentown especially hard and removing all of the snow there and getting streets opened for business will take sometime. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live in allentown with how the clean up is going, greg. >> reporter: yes, good evening. the it will take sometime because the the city of allentown received a record 33 plus inches of snow. that is, to give you some perspective, more snow then this sit normally receives during an entire winter season. inch by inch, allentown is digging out of this historic
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snowstorm. >> this is nuts. i have lived in allentown for 37 years and this is the worst. >> reporter: with school canceled both monday and tuesday, dave martin works maintenance for the the district is trying to blaze a path so students will have a way to get to class. >> it is old, doesn't work greatest but better than shoveling it. >> reporter: shoveling show is what many living on secondary streets are forced to do. >> i just start budd this is round two of many. >> reporter: city says primary roads other kay. the problem are these secondary road. you can see, feet upon feet. it is going to take a a lot to remove all of this snow. >> we are trying our hardest. we are working night and day. >> reporter: mayor says every plow that the city owns is in use but he is asking for more help. >> if you have any contractors out there, we need front loaders and we need dump trucks. >> reporter: el vera stodt doesn't need any help. armed with her shovel she has
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dug herself out of this mess. >> i just made this path to go out to the street in casey want to walk somewhere. i'm 94 years old. all my life i have not seen anything like this. now mayor says in order to get the streets completely plowed he needs folks to remove their cars, so he is asking local businesses, churches to open up their plowed parking lot and allow residents to park in these areas. he a says that the clean up will take at least two more days. we are live, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much, greg. elmwood park zoo is dealing with significant damage from this weekend's snowfall. chopper three over the scene in norristown where bird of paradise exhibit has partially collapsed. got news is all of the animal that normally populate that exhibit were in the separate building and were not harmed. today's new jersey lieutenant governor tored cape
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may county, and new jersey reporter cleve bryan is joining us live from stone harbor with how resident are cleaning up from the weekend, cleve. >> reporter: well, ukee, lieutenant governor guadagno saw severe erosion when she came here to stone harbor. take a look at this 20810-foot cliff, and this is half of the story. the bay raising and in peoples homes is where damage occurred. >> we have to get back here to clean yet but this is how high it has been. >> reporter: storm surged sent half foot of water in gale and ed's summer home in wildwood this has only happened once before. >> we got hit with sandy a little bit. we got hit hard they are time. so, the rugs are new and floors that were new are coming backup. >> reporter: several shore towns experienced record flood levels, in north wildwood where 150 people had to be rescued during the storm, trash collection is
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continuing. frustrated homeowners ripped out floors, and thrown away furniture much purchased after sandy. >> it is deja vu because, you know, do it. you get it back together, and then no one anticipated that it would be this bad. it is kind of heart breaking. >> reporter: shore officials are still calculating damages which could include thousands of properties. the the beaches took a hit too. at third avenue in north wildwood about a hundred feet of dune washed away exposing pipes and huge rocks. crews are working to construct an emergency dune, a long term fix could cost millions of dollars this dune did it job. it sacrifice itself so storm surge didn't come into town but dune is not the there anymore. we have to get it back in place so if there is another storm we're ready to go. >> reporter: parts of the cape may county did see flood levels above super storm sandy. state officials want to remind everyone that the widespread damage is no where close to
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sand any new jersey. however, local officials do feel confident that they should be able to hit 12 million-dollar threshold for federal assistance. in stone harbor i'm cleve bryan, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cleve, thanks very much. so many people still cleaning up, meteorologist kate bilo is on the cbs-3 sky deck with a look at the what is happening right now and kate, is what coming up. >> reporter: that is right, what we're concerned about tonight and really every night this week will be the refreeze, with temperatures above freezing during the day and below freezing at night, all this snow and looking at piles on the sky connect that have exacted they are melting and losing could be tenth, puddles form, water on the road and as temperatures drop those water patches will refreeze. this is how low temperatures will go overnight, 29 in philadelphia. twenty-seven in allentown. sub freezing in wilmington. even in millville and dover with the air temperature of 34, you could still see elevated surfaces refreeze. so numerous icy spots expect overnight on the roads, in the
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morning, ice will turn to slush and then just wet and then rain showers in the afternoon. another round of wet roads expected, please be safe, use rule of thumb overnight if it looks wet expect that it is icy hit brakes and go slow, leaving room between you and car in front of you as well overnight. we are tracking showers and chat ber a possible storm on friday i'll have updates on that coming up when i join you inside, back to you. still to come tonight on "eyewitness news" police say a delaware county man is facing charges for using his snow blower, why clearing off the snow landed him in trouble with the law. lending a helping hand where good smart tans came together to clear those snowy sidewalks, don. hey five year deal worth 42 million, find out which philadelphia eagle just signed a monster contract extension plus you're loving life, dominating local pick up game, until shack shows up. those stories coming up next.
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is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant. blowing snow clashed into a snow bank. "eyewitness news" reporter
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walt hunter is in upper darby where he spoke to the police chief ape suspect about what happened walt. >> reporter: darby police say a blast of snow from the snow blower blinded an ambulance crew responding to an emergency call, here on saturday night in the middle of the storm. ambulance, police say then crashed into a snow drift and became wedged, stuck. police say they are filing charges a against the the operator of this snow blower but when i talk to the operator, he told me there was in place else to put the snow and that he believes he did absolutely, nothing wrong. >> you're minded, it is a blinding snow storm. >> reporter: it was a blinding spray of snow from a snow blower like this one police say that forced an ambulance, answering an emergency call into a snow bank on timberlake road during the storm saturday night. now man allegedly operate helping that snow blower, joseph ross, is facing
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charges. >> the snow coming out of the snow blower hits the front windshield, blinding the driver. the driver then crashes into a snow bank report about the with their rig wedged in the snow bank the two person chew chitwood said managed to extricate themselves walking to the home of the patient who had called 911 to report bleeding. a second ambulance, the only one remaining in the entire township, then had to be called to transport the patient. the first ambulance, eventually, dug out of the snow, after two hours. >> continue to blow snow on the vehicle. even after he saw it crashed and stopped and second vehicle coming. >> just clearing the path, you know, with the snow blower, nothing intentional was done. >> reporter: joseph ross, the operator of the snow blower says he thinks the incident is being way out of proportion. >> this big of a deal, i don't think so. too many other things going on in the world to be worried about somebody shoveling some snow somewhere.
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>> reporter: ross, charged with obstructing emergency services a misdemean and violating the township snow removal ordinance insists did he nothing wrong. first of all it was not done purposely and if you cannot clear the walkway where am i supposed to put the snow. >> reporter: with the district attorney approving the arrest warrant mr. ross, according to police is expected to surrender, here, tomorrow. live at upper dash police headquarters, walt hunt are, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> poor situation. on kay walt, thank you. everyone can shovel snow from the property. >> but fortunately there were people out there willing to help. "eyewitness news", out with abc, or abled body christian men, who were helping senior citizens and disabled resident shovel in drexel hill this snow removal program is free of charge and for everybody else involved it business helping the community. >> we come out here, strong young men, to just, help the the seniors out so they would be able to be mobile and be able to get their medication,
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or also go to the the supermarket and get food. >> i came out and here you are, and when you want something so badly and you get it, it is like wow. >> what a big thank you to all a of them, way to go, abc helped dozens of people dig out today and they are all very grateful good to see guys back out on the case. >> take a look at this time lapse of this weekend's storm reported at springford senior high school in royersford. montgomery county got a lot of snow and as you can see from the time lapse recorded from rctv it is all quickly. here is the 45 hours of the storm, right in front of you. how about that. >> gone now but kate, what is chatter you have something going on. wait a minute, hold up. >> a lot of people, even while the storm was going on what about friday. there was one canadian mod that he will wanted to put a big snowstorm on the northeast on friday. got news it looks like it is probably not going to happen.
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>> good. >> there is a chance a storm will be there. it will be out to sea. remember storm we got not this past storm but one last sunday that brought an inch of snow to portions of the region and more down the the shore this will be a close call just off the coast a near brush with danger but as of right now all models guidance keep it off shore and it looks like advancing trough to the north, it will not be able to steer it toward coast and move it out to sea. right now i'm saying don't panic, don't get bread and milk. you are good for now at least. we will show you time lapse from today at west vincent elementary school an area with well over 2 feet of snow. thinks parking lot of the parking lot of the school here. you can see the parking sign there nobody parking there now. you can see somebody comes and tries to clear this area right about here, here's the guy with the snow blower and salt truck. he cleared this. parking lot still blanketed in feet of snow. my guess is they are not going to school tomorrow but it does look like this school, is
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still buried under a whole lot of snow. 28 degrees, there right now. current snow coverage you can see where heaviest fell from d.c. north and west of d.c., baltimore in our north and western suburbs. reading at 32 inches of snow. allentown at 32 as well. northern new jersey. we have had a dry slot work in. you can see how amount are slightly lower in philadelphia, points south and east but we're good with what we got. we don't need anymore. dry slot helped us out. here's our next front producing showers in the midwest tonight. that will get here tomorrow afternoon, doesn't have a lot witt. stray shower, not much more than that. so 36 right now at the airport. thirty-three in reading. thirty-three wilmington. twenty he'ses in a few spots. there will be fog forming tonight. it is patchy. notice it is not every where. visibility drops. fog plus melted snow refreezing on the roadways will lead to the risk of low visibility but icy spots overnight and into tomorrow. you can see we have got a couple of showers, as we dig out, wednesday is quiet and
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then as we head into thursday, take a look what is happening. tomorrow here comes that front, without much witt. squeeze play. here comes a advancing trough thursday into friday. this particular model keeps everything off shore as this trough advances it should steer out to sea. there is a chance fit turns negative it can sometimes draw a storm toward the coast. it doesn't look like that will happen with this one. seeds are planted, the storm will be there but does not look like it is a big deal for us. southern new england should be on high watch at the moment. overnight partly cloudy, patchy fog. clouds and fog. 44 degrees. eyewitness weather seven day forecast, clouds decreasing on wednesday. thursday, 36. notice 20's overnight next few nights. refreeze will be an issue, friday close call with that storm. then we can end looks beautiful. stay there we will be back with more news and sports when
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future is now. >> building block keep them around a good idea. nfl version of the power ball, young talented and played well. he played really well. if you do, you will be a able to cash that winning ticket. zach ertz is latest eag toll do so. 259 year-old tightened signed a five-year contract extension. the deal reportedly word 42 million with 20 of it guarantied. earth was a beast in the final month of the season. he had 450 yards in four games. he built great chemistry with sam bradford and ertz, wants sammy to stay in philadelphia i have played for five quarterbacks now in three years. there seems like a lot. i want to play with sam. that is not my decision ultimately but i think chemistry i have developed with sam, and jordan developed with sam and other guys developed it goes a long way. >> switching gears new to the second time in 12 days the flyers will host bruins. orange and black trail boston and new jersey by seven points in the wild card race. look at the flyers, at morning
6:25 pm
skate, they were supposed to play saturday night in brooklyn but that game was postponed because of the snowstorm. over all the flyers have lost two in a row, and time to wake up. >> we're in control of our own destiny. we have games in hand. but that doesn't mean anything unless we win them. we have to make sure we get our heads screwed on straight here. boston is a good team. we have to carry it on from there. >> a 29-point deficit, to go with 23 turnovers the sixers were horrible a against celtics last night. they have all day to think bit, and it was a 20-point loss. tomorrow they will host phoenix suns. speaking of hoops, neighbors in gainsville florida complained a pick up game was too loud. officer bob white showed up to break up the game. decides to play with the kids instead. shack heard about it. yeah, that shack, the the big december ill. he heard bit. he decided you know what i will play with the officer and kid. he shows up and started doing shack-like things. do you want to cover him.
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>> oh, my. >> he is 7-foot two, 340-pound. >> i think i can keep jumping and not quite make to it where his arms are. >> yes. >> can you imagine, i want that guy. >> look at that. >> play defense like that. >> great. >> yes. >> that is great. >> those kid will be talking about that forever. >> yes. >> for sure. >> remember the time shack showed up. >> yes, shack daddy in the house. >> we will be
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we will return at ten on our sister station the the cw philly and we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. coming up next "cbs evening news", tonight charity scam, cbs news investigation into wounded warriors find veterans are not getting the the support the the charity promises, from new york here now is scott pelley, take care
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family, see you tonight. lslslwwçwçúóóq >> pelley: frozen in place. >> it's the worst i've ever seen. pell --. >> pelley: the road to recovery is buried under snow and ice water. also tonight, a real cliffhanger. homes at risk of falling into the pacific. the candidates agree on one thing. >> we've got a week to go. >> one week away. >> 172 hours. >> pelley: and a pint-sized martial artist strikes terror into the heart of a usually unflappable reporter. >> can can you make that sound for me now [screaming] captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: tonight the nation's capital and the nation's largest city are struggling to recover from a blizzard they will be talking about for years. the storm is blamed for


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